OrbitsEdge’s Mission

From Low Earth Orbit (LEO), OrbitsEdge™ delivers Edge high-performance computing and analytics solutions in space by leveraging hardware and software designed and used on Earth combined with its proprietary satellite technology, the SatFrame 445.

High Performance Computing in Orbit

OrbitsEdge solutions allow private and public organizations to quickly, efficiently and economically collect and process vast amounts of data in space. 

These strategies eliminate bandwidth constraints and communication delays of sending data to Earth to be processed, optimizing current and future projects in space. 

Processing data above the cloud is a foundational component of the orbital ecosystem needed to fully realize the vast economic potential of industrializing space. 

Data processing and transmission bottlenecks already exist in orbit

With all the changes and challenges coming in the near future, due to the new wave of low-cost commercial space activity, the bottleneck will get worse.  OrbitsEdge SatFrame targets this opportunity and provides robust space-based web services. 

Our OrbitsEdge  will deliver standard processing and analytics services, IoT data collection and analysis, experiential tests and more.  The growth in this new frontier can only expand as Space Industrialization becomes a reality.  With the SatFrame™, companies can access space as easily as they run services in the cloud today.

To learn more about the opportunities or present use cases for early missions register on our Investors page.

Our Edge, Our Vision

To support the growth of space industrialization by providing a robust Above-the-Cloud™ infrastructure in Low Earth Orbit across the entire planet.

The Maturation of Space Cloud Services

To keep up with the rate of change and the number of satellites being launched into Low Earth Orbit, new services have to be made available.  

Shipping data back to terrestrial clouds is impractical, however today it is the only choice.  Placing industry standard high performance Edge technology at the edge of space can help us keep up with the rate of change.  

Our edge is the delivery of resources where needed for space-based IoT. OrbitsEdge will provide a faster, more competitive option for processing data.