Core Mission

Astraeus, our Micro Data Center Constellation

OrbitsEdge Astraeus takes Edge computing to space. We deliver high-performance computing datacenters in orbit, above the clouds, which can process and analyze the vast amounts of data being created in space.

Our cornerstone infrastructure solution will substantially increase computing power in space and reduce the bottlenecks of analyzing space data on Earth. 

Our Edge, Our Vision

Facilitating a web services solution for earthbound companies to cost effectively enter and succeed in space

To keep up with the rate of change and the number of satellites being launched into Low Earth Orbit, new services have to be made available.  

Shipping data back to terrestrial clouds is impractical, however today it is the only choice.  Placing industry standard high performance Edge technology at the edge of space can help us keep up with the rate of change.  

Our edge is the delivery of resources where needed for space-based IoT. OrbitsEdge will provide a faster, more competitive option for processing data.