SATFRAME™ 445 LE - An Overview

The OrbitsEdge SatFrame™ model 445 LE is a proprietary satellite bus designed to protect sensitive hardware. Built to compensate for the environmental stressors of space on the hardware itself, the SatFrame™ will provide years of constant and robust performance in Low Earth Orbit.


SatFrame 445's Chassis

A standard 19-inch server rack, with available space for 5U of hardware, is secured in the heart of the SatFrame satellite. While the initial SatFrame™ mission will support an 18-inch deep server system, the agnostic design is capable of expanding to fit full-size 36-inch deep hardware.


Power System and Solar Panels

Energy is provided by a large solar array. To continue powering the satellite when it is in the shadow of the Earth, the battery pack is used to keep the system operating at peak efficiency.


Thermal Control System

OrbitsEdge's SatFrame™ proprietary system protects hardware and software designed on from the harsh environment of space. It features a unique cooling system that incorporates the chassis and assistive radiators, providing the maximum area for cooling and improved radiation protection.